Time to Write?

I’ve decided to share my trials and success with the grant-writers/grant-managers of the world.

TODAY I am presently avoiding one of ONLY three deadlines of the year for the Erasmus+  European Union grant deadlines (Oct. 1 if you forgot!) In any case, please join me on a short insight to my process of writing.

grant_writer_greeting_card-rf140d33830304357a2d52080d2a8f220_xvuak_8byvr_512ITS TIME TO WRITE

Its what keeps going through my head, all day for weeks before I actually begin. Nothing else is really moving past that thought, no work is being done, no plans being made, until the writing has begun. Thats my method at least – torture myself to submission.

I feel like the process of preparing myself to write a grant is just as lengthy as it is to write it. It brings me back to my Uni days of procrastinating essays until the week before. Somehow I still always got a top mark (go figure), but the grant-world is not so generous.


What about you – do you think your preparation time is just as important as the writing time?? (Please tell me in the comments bellow)

Alright something worth your time for the evening, I will give a few tips of advice for anyone more novice then me in beginning their grant writing/management:

*GRANTS are about NUMBERS. Not literally but yeah its sometimes like the lottery: you have to buy as many tickets as you can to increase your probability in winning. So the more you get over the idea of writing them, the more you will turn in and the more chances you have to winning. 🙂

*GRANT reviewers are PEOPLE. Duh. But really grants have to be human, have to TELL a STORY that others want to believe in. Make it down to earth, real and exciting as much as possible. Thats why grant writers are so rare – they are basically fiction novelists who have no possibility of ever getting famous. (Sigh)

Alright some good news –

Grant writers world-wide (1st world nations) start at about £35,000! Not bad eh? Fiction writers often never make a penny. GO TEAM!

Please do stay in touch, I’ll be back with some funny and hopefully interesting insights.  . . to come.

❤ Kk



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